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Curriculum Vitae

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BSc (Hons) Computer Science

Professional Experience

Web Developer — 3Sixty Internet Ltd

11/11 to Present

Web Developer — Everything Legal Ltd

07/10 to 11/11

Started as an intern at legal start-up, and was kept on as a full-time employee after eight weeks. I am responsible for all aspects of software development, from source control to front and backend development. My work primarily revolves around development of new and existing features on the Sitecore CMS and in Umbraco.

Software/Marketing Intern — SACO Apartments

07/09 to 09/09

One of three students in Bristol accepted by an employer on the Shell Step scheme after a successful interview with SACO Apartments. I worked within the Marketing and IT departments to implement solutions to online marketing problems

During the end of my placement I was given three weeks to write a SEO Reporting application using C# with no prior knowledge of Microsoft technologies. I delivered on time and to the specification.


Language Level Known since
C# Intermediate 2009
ASP.NET Intermediate 2008
SQL Intermediate 2005
HTML/CSS Advanced 2003
Javascript Intermediate 2003
PHP Intermediate 2004
XSLT Intermediate 2009
Java Intermediate 2006
Python Basic 2009
Version Control Level Known since
Git Intermediate 2010
Mercurial Basic 2010
SVN Basic 2008

Other Notable Facts

  • Staff Mentor on the SitePoint Forums.
  • Ranked in the Top 10% of all users on Stack Overflow.

References are available on request.



Mike Bull: Portfolio

March 2011
My Portfolio

"My online home for professional links, my CV and various other tidbits about me."

It heavily utilises the jQuery framework for controlled scrolling as the average visitor to this web page would likely require all the information in one visit.

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Law Library: Free Legal Documents Landing Page

January 2011
Free Legal Documents

"Free Legal Documents for Public and Business Use"

I was tasked by my employer with designing and developing a system for a large number of free legal documents for business and personal use. For a service section I decided to differ from the typical layout and build a more eye-catching landing page for users. After I designed and built the initial landing page the page was tailored to my employers needs.

The site was also coded mainly by me using C# on the Sitecore CMS.

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LOTW Student Section

December 2010
Student Section

"Law Resources for Students."

Over the Christmas period I was tasked with creating a new section for our flagship site for students looking for information on careers in law. A bespoke layout was created tailor the feel of the section towards its audience.

The design utilises a number of social aspects, namely integration with Facebook and a Twitter feed.

Coming Soon

Bristol Wills Company

September 2010
Bristol Wills Company

"Professional Will Drafting."

During my eight-week internship I was tasked with building a website for the Umbraco CMS. After a brief consultation a new design was built around the company's logo, and various templates were built to accomodate the wide range of services to be sold.

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Law on the Web

September 2010 — Present
No Screenshot Available

"The UK's leading free legal resource."

My employers flagship service is Law on the Web, the UK's leading free legal resource for the public. After a recent transition to the Sitecore CMS I work daily on maintaining the website and developing new legal projects within the CMS.

The site receives tens of thousands of visitors on a daily basis and has grown in size and stature over the past year.

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Internal SEO/SEM Auditing Application

August 2009
No Screenshot Available

"A fully-functional web application using the Google API."

In 2009 I landed a place on the Shell Step scheme and was offered an internship at SACO Apartments. One of the final tasks of my internship was to build an internal application to query major search engines and list key information on the companies placement within given search queries. Information was stored within a database and was used to compare results compared to previous weeks, and was built to be exported into various formats such as a HTML page or as a comma-delimited file for MS Excel.

Despite no prior experience I opted to use .NET. After three weeks of work a fully-functional web application was built using the Google API and JSON, SQL Server 2005 (built using stored procedures), jQuery and ASP.NET.

Visual Search: A Design-Oriented Search Engine

September 2009 — April 2010
No Screenshot Available

"A custom-built search engine to parse and rank pages on aesthetic traits."

After a successful internship at the end of my second year at university I opted again to use ASP.NET and C# for my final-year project, a custom-built web search engine, split into a crawler, parser, indexer, ranker and front-end ASP.NET page. The novelty of the search engine was to attempt to parse and rank web pages in terms of aesthetics and good design traits. As an example, a nicely designed page with a clean colour set and valid HTML would rank better than a poorly-designed and poorly-coded web page.

After several months of research and hours of coding my project was successful and I achieved a top mark for my work.


Coming Soon

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